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Roofing Services


R2 Portal

The R2 Portal is a complimentary service that offers our roofing company clients access to R2 drone images via our secure cloud repository. The portal provides for company specific roofing inspection expertise and advanced roof installation and repair information services in support of the company's end customers.

The R2 Portal allows our roofing company clients to assign individual user roles, such as; Administrator,  Inspector, Supervisor, User, and Guest.  These roles allow the company to assign individuals to access, view images, annotate inspections, generate company branded reports, and take roof measurements or access advanced analytic services. 

We utilize advanced drone operations techniques which include all aspects of flying the mission, capturing the images, inspecting and categorizing any defects, performing measurement and mapping processing, and creating a detailed Roof Report to document roof inspection findings and recommendations.

Roof top 1.JPG
Roof Inspection - Bad Flange
ABC Roofing Inspection Report_image.JPG

View Inspection drone images in our Dropbox repository, where you can zoom-in and navigate the image for a sample of the level of detail.

We offer FAA 107 drone pilot operations, image inspections, measurements & mappings, report generation, and extended aerial photography and video services at an affordable price.

Pilot Flight Services Only:

  • $55-$125 per mission

  • Includes Online Image Access

Pilot Flight, Inspection & Report Services:

  • $125 per mission

  • Includes Online Image Inspection & Roof Report

Photo & Video Post-Processing Services:

  • Contact for pricing

Pilot Flight, Measurement/Mapping & Report Services:

  • $175 per mission

  • $700  5-Pack (20% discount) 

3D Modeling Services:

  • Contact for pricing 

Extended Flight Operations Services:

  • Contact for pricing 

We offer advanced mapping and measurement services.

Need the exact measurements of a roof for an insurance damage claim, solar installation planning, roof repair or replacement? 

View a sample Roof Report for a detailed look at what our photogrammetry services can provide.

Photogrammetry Roof Report

Our advanced AI processing technology provides consistent results, eliminating measurement discrepancies, and quick delivery of a detailed Roof Report or Roof Inspection Report, often within 24hrs of flight mission.

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