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Drone Career Program

The use of drones are exploding across all industries. There is much more to the drone phenomenon, then just flying them.


Our Drone Career Program seeks to guide you through the process of becoming a certified 107 Pilot, to gain practical drone operations insights, to learn the drone business, and to help you discover the full potential of a career in drones.  

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Drone Pilot

Drone Hardware

Flight Procedures

FAA 107 Licensed Pilot

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We've partnered with Drone Pilot Ground School to provide online FAA 107 Certification education. R2 clients receive a $50 discount.

We bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise across different drone types and industry segments by involving our network of drone pilot colleagues.  Every pilot has learned from other pilots and all are enthusiastic in sharing their experiences and helping others.

Drone Business

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Drones in Industry

Drone Software

Drone Delivery

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Drone Automation

Let us help you discover the exciting world of drones and your place in it.

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