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Drones provide the insurance industry the ability to gather additional information while more quickly responding to traditional business data risk assessment and claims analysis. Below are several areas drones are changing the way insurers manage their book of business.

We offer the benefits of drone usage across each insurance sector; P&C Brokerages, MGAs, specialty providers, primary carriers, and the individual businesses seeking to improve their loss control and risk management visibility.

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Property Mapping

Specialty Programs

Loss Control & Risk Mgmt

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Improve your underwriting criteria and claims adjudications with aerial photogrammetry that provides a 360-view of property, structures, public access ways, and other potential underwriting risks.

Aerial photogrammetry provides additional underwriting inputs to document the unique attributes of your Specialty Program.  Drones can quickly and safely go to places where it is difficult for an agent or assessor to venture.

Aerial photography reduces the costs of performing on-site manual inspections, while expanding the field-of-vision to encompass the whole job site and workflow activities.

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