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The use of drones are emerging across all industries, not only to lower costs and improve quality but also to create entirely new visual representations that bring new value-add to traditional businesses.

The R2 team are FAA certified pilots who provide a wide array of drone based aerial photography and cinematography services incorporating advanced photogrammetry applications that utilize geospatial stitching techniques and Artificial Intelligence capabilities. 

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FAA 107 Pilots

FAA Emblem.jpg

Federal Aviation Administration sets drone flight regulations and administers commercial drone pilots via Part 107 Certifications.

Drone Career Program


Goat Herd 2_3.JPG

Aerial survey for goat rancher to locate and count spring kid births across his dispersed goat herds.  From days to minutes, drones can make a difference.


Inspection_3D Model.PNG

Drones provide the ability to stitch together 2D photos to create detailed 3D images with precise measurements  for use with inspections or construction purposes.

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