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Energy & Telecom

Utilities and telecommunications providers are quickly supplementing their helicopter and land-based inspection efforts with the use of drones which can provide greater image quality of critical infrastructure towers and components, more safely and at a fraction of the costs of traditional manned flight inspections.

We offer the benefits of drone usage to the utility and telecommunications industries as contract pilots and as an independent drone services provider for their planning and inspection requirements.

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Power Line Inspection

Transmission Structures.jpg

We provide a bird's-eye view from power line transmission,  distribution, and end customer residential access.

Site Planning

Loss Control.webp

Enhance site planning with aerial photography's detailed physical and panoramic views to assist with on-the-ground planning and development activities.

Communications Infrastructure

cell tower.jpg

Augment your telecom field crews with aerial photography's detailed physical and up close views of cell towers, communications and cable plants to assist your on-the-ground line inspections and maintenance teams.

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