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Having owned multiple homes over the past 30+ years, there were many times where the use of a drone would have made a significant difference in how I approached routine maintenance tasks and performed roof inspections in the process of purchasing or selling a home. 

We offer the benefits of drone usage for traditional roof inspections and installations, rooftop solar installation, and other aerial photography and cinematography capabilities.

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Rooftop Solar


Get an accurate mapping for your home's rooftop solar panel installation potential before you hire a solar contractor. Information that could save $100s and lower the risk of panel misplacement and  installation issues.

Roof Inspection

Inspection_Flashing failure_lightened_sm

Take the hassle out of climbing around your roof. Get an up close inspection with aerial photos and video of the roof's condition to refine the scope of work and lower your repair costs.


Community Park.JPG

Drone photography can capture neighborhood highlights, like parks, trails, and shopping centers.  

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