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Drone Photo Special


We've all seen amazing drone photography and videos presenting landscapes, raging rivers, majestic mountains, and many other incredible images. Most have had less exposure to the value of drone photography within our daily lives; our homes, businesses, and just places we like to visit.  We are offering an introductory glimpse into the world of drone photography from an individual personalized perspective.

The offering consists of a single drone flight mission to capture fifteen (15) digital photos at your place of residence, business, or other location.  Participants must provide proof of tenancy, ownership, or property access to authorize drone operations above the selected property prior to mission launch.  Our drone's 20MP camera provides high quality images to maximize clarity and capture details.  As insured, FAA licensed drone pilots with over 3 years of commercial flight experience, we fly the drone to take the photos you want .


Get 15 drone photos for $25 for residential and $45 for commercial properties.

* Unfortunately, we can only offer this deal price to those within 50 miles of Sacramento, CA.  We will consider missions outside this range on an individual basis.  

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